LED Dance Floor Size Guide

We have made a helpful dance floor size guide to help you better understand how many dancers fit on various sizes of floor. 

We have put in rough estimates of how many people actually use the dance floor at any one time but of course it really depends on the type of event and how good the band or DJ is! 

You may also want to just cover the full size of the existing dance floor area with the LED dance floor so you need to get the exact information from your venue or we can do that on your behalf.

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12x12 Foot
100 Guests & 30 Dancers
14x14 Foot
140 Guests & 45 Dancers
16x16 Foot
175 Guests & 60 Dancers
18x18 Foot
200 Guests & 80 Dancers
20x20 Foot
275 Guests & 95 Dancers