Dance Floor Costs & Dance Floor Prices

We often get asked questions like “Why is your dance floor the price is it?” and “Why does it cost £x to hire your dance floor?”.

When you only see the finished product sitting at your venue it’s hard to grasp how much work has went into getting it there and thus it’s hard to understand why dance floor prices are as they are. So we thought it would great idea to show the dance floor costs and what is involved behind the scenes when you a looking to hire a dance floor. 

1) Equipment Costs

Firstly, our dance floors cost well over £10,000 to buy each and so we pay finance costs and interest costs resulting from our initial purchase. Replacement panels are bought regularly as I’m sure you can imagine 200 guests jumping on them all night will eventually take their toll! 

2) Storage Costs

The dance floors (and our other equipment) must be stored in a secure facility with easy loading and unloading access. Each dance floor can weigh around 3/4 of a tonne to a tonne each. 

3) Transportation Costs

The dance floors weigh 3/4 of a tonne to a tonne each so our van must be able to carry such a heavy load. Other transport costs include: Van insurance, ever increasing price of diesel, road tax and van maintenance.

4) Cleaning

After ever use our dance floor needs a right good clean. We can’t use abrasive cleaning products or scrubbers or too much water / mop in case we damage the panels. So we must use specialist cleaning products which cost and extra time to get the marks out without damaging the panels. We can easily spend two hours cleaning the floor after an event. 

5) Maintenance

As previously mentioned we have to repair or replace broken panels. We have to tighten the screws under the panels as well clean the metal connectors which keep the power running through the panels.  Our equipment is all PAT tested by an electrician.

6) Tax & Business Costs

We are a registered business so we pay various taxes and costs involved in running a business which include things like an accountant, website costs, business cards and marketing. We have full liability insurance which is another added business cost.

7) Time 

So for the typical dance floor hire job we spend a lot of time either side of the event preparing and transporting the floor to cleaning after. This can amount to 2/3 hours before your event and 2/3 hours after your event which the client doesn’t see or think about.

The dance floor itself takes around 45 minutes to an hour to put down and then bring up at the end of your event. There are staff costs involved in all of these processes from cleaning and maintenance to managing the business and keeping everything running smoothly. 

Price of Dance Floor Hire in Glasgow & Surrounding

We hope this information will be an eye opener for anyone looking for dance floor prices in Glasgow and hopefully you will choose Crest Events if you ever need to hire a LED Dance Floor in Glasgow.

Our dance floor prices can be found here

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