Marquee Hire

Nothing makes a statement like hiring a marquee for your event. As the marquee is built especially for your event you can be sure no two events are the same and you can design your event from scratch. Unlike conventional venues you can build your marquee to suit the amount of guests your going to invite. 

Crest event Management is based in Glasgow however the best thing about hiring a marquee is that you get to choose the perfect location. We visit locations, organise health and safety checks and liaise with land owners or permit holders to guarantee your event runs smoothly.

Get in touch with our team of event managers about hiring a marquee.

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Hire a Marquee

Perfect Location

Choose the perfect location for your event. With a marquee any location is possible, Crest Events can organise it all.

Bespoke Design

You can have your marquee any design, style or size you want. You have a blank canvas for designing your event.

Flexible Budget

You have more options when it comes to other services meaning your not stuck with specific caterers or florists like some venues.

Reasons for Hiring a Marquee

  • You can choose your dream location or your own property. 
  • Bespoke marquee design, you end up with a one off amazing venue.
  • Various sizes mean you can have as many or as little guests as you need.
  • Bring the great outdoors inside with large open doors or screens.
  • The wonderful view of your surroundings.  
  • More control over services and not tied down to preferred suppliers like other venues.
  • You have control over the shutting time. 
  • You have a blank canvas inside to create your own theme.
  • Flexible budget meaning you can go as extravagant or as simple as you wish.  
  • Possibility to have another party the next day.
  • Great for any event, party or wedding. 
  • Options could be available for guests to camp on the site. 
marquee hire